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smartSCHANK tuning Raise the profitability of your dispensing systems!
smartSCHANK matic - Complete gastronomic solution: variable, flexible, just perfect!
smartSCHANK tuning smartSCHANK Matic

Optimise your dispensing system
with smartSCHANK tuning

smartSCHANK tuning is the affordable way to optimise serving: existing dispensing equipment is simply expanded with the smartSCHANK assistant and flow meters. That’s enough for always keeping an eye on the served amount. Raise the profitability of your dispensing system!

Your advantage: From cellar technology to beer columns, dispensing stations, coffee machines and cash register, all existing devices can continue to be used and – in a second step – connected to the smartSCHANK assistant via existing interfaces.

Getting into the professional league is easy and the bar control system grows with your requirements.

Maximum performance and control
with smartSCHANK matic

smartSCHANK matic is the complete modular gastronomic solution with the highest perfection. With the smartSCHANK assistant as centrepiece, every device in the smartSCHANK series can be networked with one another: powerful refills (beer, soft drinks, coffee) with unique credit control, cash register systems and cellar technology with effective barrel switching options.

smartSCHANK also offers an innovative solution for serving wine, champagne, sparkling wine, juices and spirits. The drawer weighing technology in conjunction with the new “open dispensing technology” allows the registration of piece goods and quantities in bottle refrigerators – even to be incorporated in existing cooling systems.

Upgrade to a self-service system
with smartSCHANK pitstop

With smartSCHANK pitstop, many beverage stations can be upgraded to a self-service system. In most cases, existing beverage stations can be used without significant change. Coffee machines and coffee makers can usually be integrated into the self-service system.

With just a little effort, an existing smartSCHANK system for self-service can be expanded for offering economical and contemporary self-service beverage dispensing.

Service for your dispensing system

You can currently find a smartSCHANK partner on site in many parts of Germany, in Austria, Switzerland and Sweden. We wood be glad to establish contact.

All components for your dispensing system

As  a smartSCHANK customer you would like to expand your dispensing systems or cellar technology? Browse our catalogue and find the module you need.

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