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Variably configurable dispensing system for beer, soft drinks and multi-spouts


smartSCHANK assistent integrated – different drinks from one dispensing tower

Dispensing head Pillar

Design tap head – available with one or two lines

A true gastronomic solution is about lasting quality, speed, flexibility and efficiency over the years. Individually in function and design, we manufacture dispensing systems according to the wishes of our customers, as well as specifically in terms of necessity and expandability in our factory in Nabburg (Bavaria).

Dispensing systems are available for every need: Only soft drinks only (postmix/premix), only for beer or – if you chose our COMBI TOWER – for soft drinks beer and a lot of other types of drinks. Pneumatic beer taps, post and premix units, multi spout units or even wine or spirits units can be variably integrated in many ways.

The MULTI TOWER – our all-rounder – allows the delivery of a variety of different drinks and individual mixtures to the preparation of cocktails in a single pouring column; with the different dispensing units from DIRMEIER in best quality. Thanks to the credit mode, only booked drinks can be tapped. This prevents that too much is served.

Each tap has a display that helps the service not to forget a drink. The information is managed and provided by the smartSCHANK assistant. Incidentally, this is already installed on a MULTI TOWER and does not have to be purchased separately.

Dispensing system for NAB / AFG (Postmix / Premix)

Dispensing system for soft drinks

Dispensing system for soft drinks (postmix / premix)
Dispensing system for beer

Dispensing system for beer

Dispensing system for beer
Custom-made dispensing towers

Custom-made dispensing system

Dispensing systems according to design requirements
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