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You are familiar with smartSCHANK and interested in an extension. In this catalogue you find everything for making your dispensing system even better. Put the desired component on your smartSCHANK list and ask for a quote.

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Variable configurable dispensing system for beer, AFG (NAB) and multi-spouts.


Bestückbar ist eine MULTI-Säule mit jeder DIRMEIER Getränkeeinheit und ist mit allen anderen DIRMEIER Schanksystemen kombinierbar. Je nach Kundenwunsch und Konfiguration kann eine MULTI-Säule verschiedene Getränke ausliefern.


Pillar columns are stylish, elegant and timeless with the same smartSCHANK technology as in dispensing systems.

Dispensing head Pillar

Dispensing system for NAB / AFG (Postmix / Premix)

Dispensing system for soft drinks

Dispensing system for beer

Dispensing system for beer

Custom-made dispensing towers

Custom-made dispensing systems

smartSCHANK assistant

The smartSCHANK assistant is the small but extremely powerful “brain” for dispensing systems – in any kind of restaurants and catering businesses of any size. The assistant logs serving volumes and maximises profitability and even service quality.

Flow metre

Our flow meters provide the restaurateur with accurate, cost-effective and hygienic beverage flow measurement. With a grommet, it can be installed in beverage lines (7mm/10mm) quickly and easily.


The basic versions DUO 7 and DUO 10 yet are based on several compatible valves. Without interrupting serving, a new keg is activated via a signal when the current keg in use is empty. Optionally, the “smartSCHANK assistant” can receive and display messages about empty kegs.


KEGSWITCH ECO 7 eliminates annoying waiting periods and let the kegs change automatically. If one keg is empty, ECO 7 taps the next, the fresh one. Empty kegs can be replaced when the staff have less stressful working phase.


KEGSWITCH MULTI controls up to 900 litres and ensures uninterrupted distribution without having to connect with new kegs. At times of high flow rate, kegs can be connected in parallel.


TANKSWITCH: available with triple- or octuplet-distribution block the system is suitable for Inliner with pressure sensor for void detection or optical void detectors for conventional tanks.

Weighing technology for counters and drawers

The DIRMEIER weighing technology (even available as a “stand alone” version) is the best choice for the automatic inspection of piece goods, and to keep track of available drinks by the glass.

Weighing technology for bottle cabinets

The weighing technology controls piece goods in bottle cabinets and beverage drawers, and is even available as a “stand alone” version.

CLIC Bottle control system

The CLIC lock is placed on each bottle and coded for being able to register the bottle in the system. Only FLEX opener can remove the CLIC lock after the bottle has been booked and the lock has been released by the system.

Ring system hand-held or surface fixed unit

Basically, it’s about two things: each guest must be served the exact amount, and nothing should be wasted. With the ring system, spirits and wines are served in portions. The ring system is available as a surface fixed unit (single-handed tapping) or as a hand-held with an activator ring.

Spirits gun

At the touch of a button, the desired amount of spirits is served – in a short period of time. Spirit guns can be configured according to customer’s wishes.


MaxCleaner performs top cleaning results through water-flushing, rinsing-cleaning and post-flushing with CO2-shock wave. This combination optimizes the cleaning performance to the max.

Gas warning system

Carbon dioxide (CO2) has a toxic feature that – even in low concentrations – can damage your health. As soon as CO2 escapes, the KUNDO warning unit converts the measuring signals of the sensor unit into visual and audible warning signals.

Table water unit

Produce table water and spritzers on your own and get the main part from the water pipe! The necessary fresh amount of water is cooled and mixed up with CO2 while tapping. How much is a spritzer in your restaurant? Start to calculate!

Gas mixer – gas supply

Depending on the brewery and bottling, the proportion of carbon dioxide varies. Therefore, it is not worthwhile to purchase mixed gas as a premix, but to adjust the mixing ratio individually. “Standard mixture” might harm the beverage quality if you serve different kinds of beer.

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